Did you know the word Ugh in the google keyword planner tool shows that it averages 10K to 100K searches a month!?

The keywords, Writing blues, or Writing doldrums have no search result metrics. Ugh!

When I started writing this, all I could think of was Ugh!

At least that’s how I’ve been feeling lately about my writing.

I mean, it’s there, deep inside, but when I sit down and type away, it feels like it’s flat and lifeless. I hate that.

Maybe I’m trying too hard.

I even took a little break from editing the second book in the series here. I just felt like I needed a break.

But, that’s how I am. I go, go, go, go, until there’s nothing left of me, then I burn out, and go do something else. Only thing is, writing has become this habit that I must everyday–it’s hard to explain.

I don’t write publishable stuff everyday, but I do journal everyday and usually pen about 800 words in there, but those are for my eyes only. It helps. It’s helped for a few years now too.

Yet, I get frustrated because I feel this internal thing pushing me to write and edit and repeat, but at the moment, everything seems a bit…well, ugh.

In the past I’d just push through the feeling and maybe I should. I am pushing through it in a way, like today I decided to update the about page here and write this short post.

Then I need to finish up my weekly post I’ll publish tomorrow on my website … why? Because of a self-inflicted deadline that I post every Friday there.

Well, for now, I think I’m doing something I’ve never really given myself permission to do and that is to cut back, relax, and chill a bit from pushing myself so hard on this writing project.

Honestly, it feels good to do this and to do it without self-guilt is quite the learned thing.

Hang in there if you feel the Ugh tugging on you. It’s okay to slack a little and let the creative juices refill the well.

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