The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins

Book 2 excerpt…

We find Jake in Oneiron and he’s facing some pretty tough odds. Will he make it? Who knows…we do know this, if you die in Oneiron, you die in the Waking. The two realms do more than parallel each other; they are one.

This excerpt is still in the raw stages of editing but wanted to share…

The attack began.

The Imp army unleashed its numbers beginning at the road and followed its course southward; like a tidal wave of gray shining bodies in the sun, the wave headed for Jake’s line and a dusty plum rose behind the enemy that opaqued the forest beyond.

I’m not supposed to be here. This is only a dream. This is only a dream. This is only—

Clicking, the Imp’s battle cry, engulfed the plain and the ring of steel heard to his left where the enemy first crashed upon the foot soldiers. Tremors seized his guts when the wave of Imps moved closer; soon to break upon him and continue south to the end of the line.

Come on, come on, wake up! Wake the fu—

The clicking roared in his ears as the first of a sea of Imps hurtled themselves at him with their blades held high, swinging downward. Trembling, he met the blades with his own, more out of self-defense than anything else he possessed at the moment. He stepped back as the onrush overwhelmed him and his sword vibrated from the clang of steel on steel.

“Wake up…” Jake shouted to himself. His voice quavered and his arms trembled while gripping his sword in an attempt to swing upward again to defend from another oncoming blow.

More to come in the weeks ahead.

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