Small Taste of Chapter 1…Shadows of Matthew

Small Taste of Chapter 1…Shadows of Matthew

Finally made it into Chapter 10 today…editing that is. Er, first pass of editing, I should say.

Thought I’d share a glimpse into the world that Matt and Alie are about to find themselves in and the unique dynamic that’s growing.
Keep in mind that this is still rough around the edges and the manuscript is a bit raw, but I hope you enjoy…

Oh, and Matt is still in the hospital.

She really knew what to say to soothe my nerves. When I came too, Jake and Anne had left and Alie stayed most of the night with me. She simply held my hand while I dozed in and out of sleep. I have no idea what time she left in the night to go home, but I remember waking up in the middle of the night missing her sitting next to me. I remember feeling alone and a bit afraid, though not sure what of. Felt like a little kid walking into a dark basement to go find some toy or something and being scared out of my mind of the dark just before switching on the lights.

Alie came into my room a little before lunch time the next day. She walked right up to the side of the bed and told me good morning in such a soft voice that I swear I was going to melt right into the sheets. Then…she planted her lips on mine and I thought I was going to explode with emotion. Honestly, I don’t think I remember feeling hot adrenalin flood my veins in what seems like a life time: adrenalin from a vehicle pursuit is way different from when a beautiful woman that you’re falling for kisses you like she wants you.

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