First Draft…Done!

First Draft…Done!

Alright, it’s been awhile in the making but book 2, Shadows of Matthew, is done; well, at least the first draft.

As a writer, getting that first draft completed is huge. There’s long hours ahead in the editing, rewriting, cutting, adding, rewriting…um…you get the picture.

But! First draft is finished and I took a week off from the manuscript to breathe a bit. Starting tomorrow, it’s onto doing some serious developmental editing.

The editing process is extremely tedious but I do enjoy it. Yeah, I know, sounds sadistic, but it’s pretty incredible to take a big hunk of granite you just plopped down and begin to chisel away with your heart and soul and watch it take shape into a piece of art.

If you’re a new author, take advantage of the editing process and think of it as your time to sculpt a thing of beauty. Embrace it. Once you’ve made that transition in your brain from, “This sucks.” To that of, “Wow, how cool is this? I get to sculpt this baby now!” The process of a whole takes on a new light and it’ll energize your writing…well, editing that is.

~ Cheers

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