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Matt & Alie

Matt & Alie


But, thought I’d share another snippet.

We find Matt & Alie in Fjord, the fortress which is the first line of defense in the realm of Oneiron.

Grateful for the detour.

We walked up another flight of wide stairs and passed through an open wooden gate that led us into another courtyard; though smaller in size. The rich aroma of roses, tulips, honeysuckle, and all manner of flowering vines, hit my senses; my memory kicked into high gear—it was like a flash of lightning through my soul. I remembered playing here as a child, running through here as a teen, and walking with…Alie! I stopped at the edge of the walkway as it rounded the garden, turned toward her and stared in amazement.

“Hey!” I yelled excitedly.

“What?” she chuckled as she stopped abruptly and stumbled back into me.

“Do you remember walking here with me? I mean, I just had this vision, or a déjà vu thing hit me: like we’ve been here before, and walked here…but…” I looked back, now fixated on the gardens, remembering times of walking hand and hand with her.

She smiled at me, gently reached up and guided my cheek to face her. Her eyes slowly closed as she brought her lips to mine. A slower, more passionate kiss this time. Afterward, she smiled and looked intently at me without saying another word.

I gazed into her eyes, and it seemed, that for a short moment, her eyes flashed an emerald sheen, then returned to dark gray in the little moonlight surrounding us. My mind went blank as I squeezed her hand. Speechless, I looked down briefly and then turned to walk, gently tugging at her to follow.