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Matt & Alie

Matt & Alie


But, thought I’d share another snippet.

We find Matt & Alie in Fjord, the fortress which is the first line of defense in the realm of Oneiron.

Grateful for the detour.

We walked up another flight of wide stairs and passed through an open wooden gate that led us into another courtyard; though smaller in size. The rich aroma of roses, tulips, honeysuckle, and all manner of flowering vines, hit my senses; my memory kicked into high gear—it was like a flash of lightning through my soul. I remembered playing here as a child, running through here as a teen, and walking with…Alie! I stopped at the edge of the walkway as it rounded the garden, turned toward her and stared in amazement.

“Hey!” I yelled excitedly.

“What?” she chuckled as she stopped abruptly and stumbled back into me.

“Do you remember walking here with me? I mean, I just had this vision, or a déjà vu thing hit me: like we’ve been here before, and walked here…but…” I looked back, now fixated on the gardens, remembering times of walking hand and hand with her.

She smiled at me, gently reached up and guided my cheek to face her. Her eyes slowly closed as she brought her lips to mine. A slower, more passionate kiss this time. Afterward, she smiled and looked intently at me without saying another word.

I gazed into her eyes, and it seemed, that for a short moment, her eyes flashed an emerald sheen, then returned to dark gray in the little moonlight surrounding us. My mind went blank as I squeezed her hand. Speechless, I looked down briefly and then turned to walk, gently tugging at her to follow.



Did you know the word Ugh in the google keyword planner tool shows that it averages 10K to 100K searches a month!?

The keywords, Writing blues, or Writing doldrums have no search result metrics. Ugh!

When I started writing this, all I could think of was Ugh!

At least that’s how I’ve been feeling lately about my writing.

I mean, it’s there, deep inside, but when I sit down and type away, it feels like it’s flat and lifeless. I hate that.

Maybe I’m trying too hard.

I even took a little break from editing the second book in the series here. I just felt like I needed a break.

But, that’s how I am. I go, go, go, go, until there’s nothing left of me, then I burn out, and go do something else. Only thing is, writing has become this habit that I must everyday–it’s hard to explain.

I don’t write publishable stuff everyday, but I do journal everyday and usually pen about 800 words in there, but those are for my eyes only. It helps. It’s helped for a few years now too.

Yet, I get frustrated because I feel this internal thing pushing me to write and edit and repeat, but at the moment, everything seems a bit…well, ugh.

In the past I’d just push through the feeling and maybe I should. I am pushing through it in a way, like today I decided to update the about page here and write this short post.

Then I need to finish up my weekly post I’ll publish tomorrow on my website … why? Because of a self-inflicted deadline that I post every Friday there.

Well, for now, I think I’m doing something I’ve never really given myself permission to do and that is to cut back, relax, and chill a bit from pushing myself so hard on this writing project.

Honestly, it feels good to do this and to do it without self-guilt is quite the learned thing.

Hang in there if you feel the Ugh tugging on you. It’s okay to slack a little and let the creative juices refill the well.

Small Taste of Chapter 1…Shadows of Matthew

Small Taste of Chapter 1…Shadows of Matthew

Finally made it into Chapter 10 today…editing that is. Er, first pass of editing, I should say.

Thought I’d share a glimpse into the world that Matt and Alie are about to find themselves in and the unique dynamic that’s growing.
Keep in mind that this is still rough around the edges and the manuscript is a bit raw, but I hope you enjoy…

Oh, and Matt is still in the hospital.

She really knew what to say to soothe my nerves. When I came too, Jake and Anne had left and Alie stayed most of the night with me. She simply held my hand while I dozed in and out of sleep. I have no idea what time she left in the night to go home, but I remember waking up in the middle of the night missing her sitting next to me. I remember feeling alone and a bit afraid, though not sure what of. Felt like a little kid walking into a dark basement to go find some toy or something and being scared out of my mind of the dark just before switching on the lights.

Alie came into my room a little before lunch time the next day. She walked right up to the side of the bed and told me good morning in such a soft voice that I swear I was going to melt right into the sheets. Then…she planted her lips on mine and I thought I was going to explode with emotion. Honestly, I don’t think I remember feeling hot adrenalin flood my veins in what seems like a life time: adrenalin from a vehicle pursuit is way different from when a beautiful woman that you’re falling for kisses you like she wants you.

As always, any and all feedback is welcomed in the comments below or email.


Editing is like…Living, Dying, & Repeating!

Editing is like…Living, Dying, & Repeating!

Living life is so much like editing a book.

Here’s why…

It’s been a slow go today.

Actually…a slow go the entire past month.

Why? Simple…



Don’t get me wrong, I love to write. I write every day in my journal—things that may never be published; and, some that will. Who knows for sure?

However, editing is a much different beast than simply doing AIC (Ass in Chair) time and going at a fresh blank screen with the creative juices flowing.

Editing is like taking on the beast you’ve created. An unruly beast at that.

The project at hand? Book 2 in the Catharsis Awakening Series. I just made it into Chapter 5 today; editing that is.

Speaking of beasts…

Ever see the Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow?

The tagline goes like this: Live, Die, Repeat—and that describes the editing process perfectly.

It’s a kickass movie where Cruise plays a military officer named Cage that’s never seen combat, and the whole world goes to war against an alien invasion.

Cage is forced into a combat role but it gets worse: every time he dies, he starts over and repeats the day he enters combat.

The upside of Cage’s situation is that he remembers the previous day and how he got killed on the battlefield, which he learns from his “mistakes” and avoids repeating the same thing over…um, getting killed.

The cool thing is, once Cage learns how to avoid a bomb blast, gunfire, or just simply being eaten by a mob of aliens, he moves ahead in the story to the next day.

Each time he dies, he learns, and he moves on, eventually to lead his troops to victory and saves the world in the end.


Like I said, kickass movie.

Editing is kickass. Um…actually, more like kickin’ my ass because it feels like I die every day I look at the manuscript.

I read the text, then I rewrite, only to find out that I need to rewrite a section far earlier to explain what the heck I just rewrote. It’s like Cage being gobbled up by aliens.

Then, it seems like I’m stuck in the same place in the manuscript, just like I’m starting out on day 1 of the battlefield.

I tell ya…writing is a lonely place!

A lot like life.

Waking up and trudging through the same material just to rewrite it over and over and over, then to rewrite something else to help make sense of the thing you rewrote.

Does that make sense?

Each death we incur brings us a little bit closer to conquering our alien world and hence why the tears when an author finally holds up the first copy of their work at the end.

But this isn’t just about writing. It’s about anything in life you’re fighting.

Like when you conquer some nasty alien you’ve been fighting what seems like for a whole lifetime, no matter how small of a victory.

We make mistakes, we learn, we pivot, we change, we gain ground…no matter how incremental it is.

Don’t give up!

Keep at it.

We need you.

The world needs you.

For heaven’s sake…don’t quit!

First Draft…Done!

First Draft…Done!

Alright, it’s been awhile in the making but book 2, Shadows of Matthew, is done; well, at least the first draft.

As a writer, getting that first draft completed is huge. There’s long hours ahead in the editing, rewriting, cutting, adding, rewriting…um…you get the picture.

But! First draft is finished and I took a week off from the manuscript to breathe a bit. Starting tomorrow, it’s onto doing some serious developmental editing.

The editing process is extremely tedious but I do enjoy it. Yeah, I know, sounds sadistic, but it’s pretty incredible to take a big hunk of granite you just plopped down and begin to chisel away with your heart and soul and watch it take shape into a piece of art.

If you’re a new author, take advantage of the editing process and think of it as your time to sculpt a thing of beauty. Embrace it. Once you’ve made that transition in your brain from, “This sucks.” To that of, “Wow, how cool is this? I get to sculpt this baby now!” The process of a whole takes on a new light and it’ll energize your writing…well, editing that is.

~ Cheers