About said Author

About said Author

Hey there, I appreciate you stopping by.

My name’s Christian.

I loved writing the Shadows of Matthew. It’s a story that tumbled around inside of me for at least 10 years before I published it. Now, the series, The Catharsis Awakening, is in full swing with more installments to come.

More than a site of “Hey, here’s my books,” this is a place where I share the writing process through the lens of a beginning writer to a published author.

Hopefully this site will inspire those of you who are just starting out and ask me about writing your own book “someday”. Please, just start. You’ll learn along the way and have a lot of fun doing so. And when you feel like quitting, visit here again because that’s part of the process too. Every writer I know feels like burning their manuscript and swearing and cursing that they’ll never write again.

Oh, and if you’re an old salt at this whole writing gig, please stick around; I hope to learn a few things from you!

Well, a little bit about myself, without sounding like a cheesy resume, I’m a Denver native.

I served in the Marine Corps after high school. Had a great MOS as an Air Radio Tech and after my enlistment, I went to work in the electronics industry. Later in my career, I started two businesses and made a good go of them but got burned out with the industry. So, I closed up shop, reinvented myself to do something I’ve dreamed of by putting myself through a police academy and went into law enforcement.

I’m retired now…yes, early retirement. I wanted to do somethings in life before I got too old and too worn out. Like what? Like writing this book; starting a weekly blog at https://christianmartinjr.com; and some normal sleep after working many years on nightshift.

Now, I live in a small town on the western slope of Colorado and enjoy trail running, hiking, reading, cooking, and bunch of other things I’ll tell ya about later on.

~ Love