The Catharsis Awakening…

The Catharsis Awakening…

We all dream, but what happens when our dream becomes reality?

Matt Jameison, a sheriff’s sergeant based high in the Colorado Rockies, has begun to see strange creatures in his peripheral vision during his night shift. Creatures known only from his nightmares that hunted him as he slept.

He dismisses these terrifying wraiths as the result of sleep deprivation, burnout, and the stress caused by the collapse of his marriage, until he comes face to face with reality: the existence of another world, just as real as the one he experiences daily. This is Oneiron, a place known only to men and women in their dreams through fragmented memories.

Matt discovers that he and two coworkers are caught up in a surreal struggle between the two realms: Oneiron and the Waking, and the brutal life forms that seem able to pursue them between both.

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The enemy is closer than you think.